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Bankruptcy Attorney Surprise Arizona

12211 W Bell Rd, Suite #107, "Codobe" Surprise Arizona 85378

David Allegrucci, Attorney Glendale Arizona, Bankruptcy, Divorce, LLC Formation, IRS Debt Issues

Bankruptcy Chapters 7, 11, and 13

Bankruptcy Chapters 7, 11, and 13. As of December 31, 2018 the Phoenix Bankruptcy Court records David Allegrucci being involved with 3,772 different bankruptcy matters since the year 1992. Bankruptcy Attorney Surprise Arizona

Landlord Tenant

Landlord and tenant issues, residential or commercial, lease, eviction filing or defense, co-signer liability, security deposit, property maintenance, or any other matter arising from the parties' lease agreement. Attorney Surprise Arizona.

Divorce without Minor Children

Are you looking for a simplified divorce process for couples who have no kids and no assets. Allegrucci Law Office, PLLC wants to help you make this process as painless as possible.

LLC Formation

Are you excited to begin your dream business as an Entrepreneur? Allegrucci Law Office, PLLC can prepare your documentation and help you have everything you need to get started the RIGHT way

IRS Debt Issues and Collection Litigation

Unpaid Income Tax issues through offers-in-compromise, installment agreements, appeals, innocent and injured spouse relief, and bankruptcy relief on some income tax debts 

Civil Defense

If you are being sued in Civil Court then you need a GREAT Attorney on your side, to protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY, to protect your PROPERTY, and to protect your RIGHTS. David Allegrucci and Allegrucci Law Office, PLLC want to be the ones in YOUR CORNER 

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Directions to Surprise Office

12211 West Bell Road, 

Suite #107  "Codobe"

Surprise, Arizona 85378

On the South side of Bell Road

East of El Mirage Road

West of the Aqua Fria River

Our office is in the building complex East of the El Mirage Road and Bell Road intersection.  Our office building is immediately to the east of the Chevron Station at that intersection.

The office complex is two (2) separate buildings connected as one office complex.  We are in the eastern-most building.

Our suite faces Bell Road and is in a suite named "Codobe". Parking is in front of the suite.

David will meet you at the suite door at your appointed time to let you enter the suite.

There is a sign on Bell Road for the office comples that names the businesses in the complex. It is hard to find but "Codobe" is among the businesses listed on the road signage.

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